Dr. Groovy in da house!

>> 23 April 2007

Dr. Groovy is a happy, happy, camper in Glamour Bomb’s “Gnome Sweet Gnome” Dread Falls.

Dr. Groovy is a real MD who’s got a hardcore case of grooviness. You can catch it from her by listening to her show, Phrequency & Phrenology, every Saturday from 4:30 to 6 on-line at Kill Radio.

Holla, Doctor G!!!

Spring Has Spung

>> 20 April 2007

Happy Spring!

Glamour Bomb is selling some selected fascinator hats on eBay for the season. Perfect for any formal occasion, weddings and of course: the races!

This is a golden opportunity to get a deal on some of most scrumptious hats. New items are offered weekly, so be sure to check back often.


>> 14 February 2007

Fascinator hats or "mini" hats are the bonsai trees of the millinery world. They are minutiarized hats that are made even more sweet and charming by their diminutive size.

Check them out here.

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