Mad Mad May Day - A Burner Bazaar 5/1/2010

>> 28 April 2010

The  Etsy Black Rock Crew headed up by LaLinda Loca is going to be throwing their first event: the Mad Mad May Day Burner Bazaar coming up on May 1, 2010 at the Angel's Gate Cultural Center located at 3601 South Gaffey Street, San Pedro, CA. I've been so busy preparing for this show that I'm going to be tremendously relieved when it's over.  I'll be joining forces with a lot of talented Etsyans within the burner community (drink!) it's gonna be hella cool. The video above is just some of the artists who will be showcasing their arts and crafts at the event. More about the artists here.

Digi-Freebie: More Mother's Day iPhone Wallpapers

>> 26 April 2010

Due to the fantastic response to last week's listing of my free Mother's Day wallpapers for your iPhone and iPod Touch I'm offering a couple of more! Mother's Day is coming up on Monday, May 9th.

This week I'm featuring some imagery of motherhood and family from a Chinese propaganda poster and a Japanese vintage ad. My own mother thinks the entire notion of wallpapers is pretty cool. If only she had an iPhone!

You can download the images as well as installation instructions by clicking on this link or on the image above.

Like contemporary fashions this is a seasonal freebie. If you're stopping by my blog and the wallpaper is no longer available then have a look and see what is current for the season because I'm in the habit of updating frequently.

Vintage Video: Introducing the LC8 Calculator by Sharp

>> 23 April 2010

This commercial came out in 1971.  At the time this calculator was state of the art. This, by the way, is amusing to me because it reminds me of an old brick style cellphone! The dollar bill they shot next to it belies the fact how fat the world's smallest calculator really is. Nowadays you can get an iPad that -- in addition to calculating -- does sooo much more. It'll be funny to see folks will be saying about the iPad in 40 years!

Follow Me, Follow You!

>> 22 April 2010

I just wanted to post this quick announcement that it is (and always has been) my policy to follow back those who follow me. I think the medium of blogging requires reciprocity in an effort to encourage mutual dialogue. For me it expands my mind. I've learned so much from such a diverse group of bloggers I've met through maintaining this and my other blog that I'm open to discovering more!

That said, I've been somewhat confused when following somebody back. When I click on their profile in Google Friend Connect I'm unclear sometimes if the person following me has a blog I can follow. One lady I know only has a profile (but no blog) admonished me when I didn't "friend" her back. Honestly, I didn't know you could do that.

Then there are those who have half a dozen blogs or more and frankly that's too much for me to handle. I'd like to focus on the one blog that you love the most and one that you post the most frequently.

So...if I am not following you or "friending" you or mutually reciprocating in any way please let me know. I'm more than happy to connect with you!

Like I said, the Google Friend Connect befuddles me just a bit. And I'd like to think I'm smarter than the average bomb so if I'm confused then who else is confused?

Digi-Freebie: Mother's Day iPhone Wallpapers

>> 19 April 2010

In celebration of Mother's Day coming up in a few weeks (Sunday, May 9 to be exact) I want to share with you some digi-freebies in the form of wallpapers for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can download the images as well as installation instructions by clicking on this link or on the image above.

Like contemporary fashions this is a seasonal freebie. If you're stopping by my blog and the wallpaper is no longer available then have a look and see what is current for the season because I'm in the habit of updating frequently.

PIF It To Me Baby! (Pay It Forward on Etsy)

>> 16 April 2010

Here's a little video I made featuring some of the PIF listings I've put up on Etsy this week.

PIF stands for "Pay It Forward" and it's been a phe-bomb-enon on Etsy since I joined. The idea about a PIF listing is simple: you must do something nice for someone else. You can either list an item of your own as a PIF, or do a generous act of kindness for a friend or even a complete stranger!

Etsy PIF listings are essentially free -- the price is set at the Etsy-mandated minimum of 20 cents to post an item on the site. Some PIFs charge very inexpensive shipping, and some sellers even ship their PIF items for free.

I think PIFs are a fun way to connect with other Etsyans so I really hope that whomever purchases my PIFs enjoys them more than me having them sitting there in my craft pile all neglected and sad! :)

In most of the PIFs I offer, by the time I stick the item in a fresh new envelope, put some stamps on it, pay my Etsy fees and PayPal fees, tootle on down (by foot -- mind you) to my local post office this listing comes out even for me. It is not my intention to gouge or overprice PIFs to make a profit although I've seen many listings do this and IMHO it kinda sucks because I feel it takes away from the spirit of PIFting.

When offering a PIF it's my heart's intention to pass the item forward to you for the true cost of the item alone, not the item plus the taxes, fees, handling materials and shipping costs involved. I mean, I want to pass along a free cuppa coffee but I'm not into handing out an entirely free lunch! ;) That said and all humor aside, I truly hope you'll find my take on this as fair. A lot of my friend's are suffering from the effects of bad economy right now so I'm just trying to make the day go by a little more joyously through PIFting.

Also, while I totally ♥ repeat customers here's the deal with my PIFs: please only one PIF per person within 14 days of ordering your last PIF from me. I just want to be fair to everybody so I hope you understand and come back to see what else I'm offering.

Had enough? Ready for some PIF action? Click the image below and get yourself PIF'd!

P.S. I realize that most of my PIF's listings appear to be from the same manufacturer. Since this is not a sponsored blog I don't want to mention the brand. I just want to say that most of the stuff in my scrapper's box is from this company and it's not my intention to promote them. These PIFs are just PIFs! XD


>> 12 April 2010

Well, actually I got FAN MAIL.

Well, um, no that's not accurate. Let me try this again...

I got a FAN VIDEO!!!

I know I said I was taking some time off from blogging this week (cuz I'm working on a top secret crafty project I'm springing on you later this month) but a woman by the name of AcousticxGypsy -- who btw -- is somebody I just met via YouTube -- sent me this video and I had to share because this time it's all about m-e-e-e-e-e and my craftyness!

AcousticxGypsy just digitally glamourbombed me, made me weep with joy and now I've got to plan my reply.

Of which, of course, I'll share here.

Don't cha just love the music selection?


OK...well, I gotta get back to my planning and scheming. More later.

Glamour Bomb's Contest Winner!

>> 11 April 2010

Thank you to everybody who participated! I'll do it again sometime later this spring so stay tuned. For those of you just dialing in to this blog I'm going to be taking a few days -- maybe even a week -- off from updating here but I'll be back at it soon. Until then, feel free to ask me anything.

GB-TV: Domestically Disabled (Part 3 - Conclusion)

This episode of Domestically Disabled concludes the series. After Jane returns from visiting with her mother, she and hubby George visit Alice and her husband and find out more about the modern conveniences in their new home.

All this to get entice you to enter my drawing for my current giveway! Today at 3:00 pm PDT is the deadline so go on and get yourself in the mix! :)

Click here to enter.

Digi-Freebie: New "Brandon Grotesque" Font

>> 10 April 2010

GB-TV: Domestically Disabled (Part 2)

At Alice's suggestion, Jane decides to trick her husband, George, into buying a new kitchen. So Jane leaves him and their son alone while she visits her mother in Cleveland. George is then left to his own devices, which is to say, not much.

All this to get entice you to enter my drawing for my current giveway!

Click on the image below and follow directions to enter. Contest deadline (and the conclusion of this webisode series) is Sunday (tomorrow!) 4/11/2010 @ 3:00 pm.

Today on GB-TV: Domestically Disabled (Part 1)

>> 09 April 2010

In today's show Jane and Alice plot to trick Jane's domestically disabled husband George into buying a new kitchen.

All this to get entice you to enter my drawing for my current giveway!

Click on the image below and follow directions to enter. Contest deadline is this Sunday, 4/11/2010

Glamour Bomb's Spring Collection of Vintage Eyeglasses 2010

>> 08 April 2010

Oh you hipster you! I've got a couple of pairs of gorgeous vintage eyewear that are totally retro and hot in a sexy librarian kinda way. Take them to an optician to be properly fitted to your face and filled with your prescription. Available for purchase at my Etsy store.

Oh, before I forget: Come enter my my giveaway drawing here!

Welcome Followers New & Old

>> 07 April 2010

If you've been following me on Twitter you'll know I've been a tad sick lately. I woke up this morning after a fitful night of breaking a fever and only to find some new followers. How cool is that?

I realize that I've never taken a moment to thank you all you wonderful people for coming and setting a spell at my blog party so here it is: Welcome everybody and thank you!

I work best if I know what my guests would like to see.  That is to say that I take requests! So if you want a little tutorial about something Blogger (or a big tutorial on anything Mac related) please contact me!

Also, I'm having a little giveaway and if you would like to enter (and see what you may be winning) all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. Or, you can just simply click on the image below. The contest ends this Sunday 4/11/2010.

How To Set Up Your RSS Feed in Blogger

>> 05 April 2010

We got mail!

As a matter of fact, it's a question about RSS feeds from SF (who, BTW, is enjoying the use of my free modified 3 column Minima template). SF wanted to know the answer to this question:

Hi Glamour Bomb!

I just wanted to say a thank you for your wonderful Minima wide template (just uploaded it for my blog, and am loving it), and ask a quick question: I'm hearing from my readers that those using Google reader that aren't able to see images in my blog.

Do you know if this is a Blogger issue? Or is there something in the template that I can change to enable them to see the pics? Thanks for any advice you have!

All the best,
Sanity Fair Blog,

So I went into my Google Reader and subscribed to Sanity Fair's blog and low and behold I discovered that she had set her RSS feed to "Short". This means that subscribers were only getting her blog titles and not her blog body posts in which her photos and images were displayed.

Now why would anybody want to do that?

Well somebody like the Graphic's Fairy who has a sponsored blog may want to capture your eyeballs on behalf of her advertisers when you're grabbing her beautiful freebies.  In this case, it's her desire that you to take them off her blog and not her feed.

BTW, sponsored blogs are awesome because they match content creators with advertisers to offer products and services to a niche market. Sponsored blogs enable the blogger to be compensated for all the hard work they do. And somebody as awesome like the Graphic's Fairy who provides a ton of free, beautiful content deserves a little ching ching for her efforts. Besides, it's obvious that she puts it all back in her blog.  

While I personally am not sponsored, am entirely independent and receive no compensation for the reviews and recommendations I make on this blog, I recently set my RSS feed to short titled posts in an effort to require my readers to read my postings from Blogger directly and not Google Reader.

I did it for the sole purpose that because whenever I'm sharing a video that is not sourced from YouTube (or any other major video sharing site) it does not appear in Google Reader and therefore my readers miss the video. They never see it! And that makes me a sad panda (somebody please hug me) because usually the video I'm displaying is the crown jewel of the blog post so I don't want my readers to miss it.

So...back to Sanity Fair. How can she fix short titled posts to long body posts? It's super easy:

Go to Dashboard ➤ Settings ➤ Site Feed ➤ Change Blog Posts Feed from "Short" to "Long".

That's a wrap for today's post.  I'm always happy to answer your Blogger/Blogspot question. Just contact me!

Remember, I've got a contest giveaway that ends this Sunday and all you have to do is follow this here blog and leave a comment. There are NO comments at the time of this posting so please -- don't make me a sad panda. Give me a hug and go enter my contest right now!

It's Time For A Giveaway!

>> 04 April 2010

It's been far too long since I've had a giveaway so now is the time.

The prize is this hilarious business card holder from Anne Taintor of Vintage Revisited. Anne takes old ads and makes them f-r-e-s-h.

This card holder measures 3" x 4" and is perfect for storing your business cards, ID, credit cards, even some ACEOs if you want. I've got mine and I totally love it.

So now you're thinking: how cool is this? I want it! How do I enter?

Oh well, dear reader, let me explain the rules.

How To Enter

1. You must be a follower to enter (you can become a follower by clicking "Follow" in the right sidebar over there) ➤

2. You must leave a comment on this post, just say hello, tell me something funny, a joke, your favorite poem. Anything! You may only enter ONCE (ie: one comment per person, please). HOWEVER this rule is meant to be broken and here's how you can: if you grab the giveaway button featured below and display it on your blog, I'll enter your name in the drawing twice. If you are so wonderful to do this for me then be a dear and please let me know otherwise I won't have a clue.

3. In the event that YOU are the lucky winner, it's important that I be able to contact you to get your shipping address so please leave an email address or some way I can notify you. Now I understand that not everyone wants post their email publicly on the Interwebz for the whole world to see, and that's cool. BUT if you don't leave an email you'll have to contact me after I announce the winner! If you fail to do that, the winner will be re-drawn three days later and nobody wants to be a sad panda winner.  So please, follow up! :)

The contest ends next Sunday, 11 April 2010 at 3:00 pm.
All winners will be selected at

Grab the code below for the button that you see above
and post to your blog to be entered in my contest twice.
Remember to let me know you did this!
There's a dear and thank you so very much!

Happy Easter from Glamour Bomb

Important: If you are reading this in an RSS reader, you really ought to click through to my site to see the embedded video. I am told it's not showing in the feed.

MGM's Easter Parade was actually released a few days after the 4th of July in the summer of 1948 and was dubbed by the studio: "the happiest musical ever made." It was originally green-lighted as a Gene Kelly/Vincente Minnelli project with Minnelli's wife Judy Garland as the leading lady. But because Minnelli and Garland were experiencing marital problems at home, the studio felt that the couple was better off if they did not work together on the set and replaced Minnelli with director Charles Walters.

When Kelly broke his ankle playing football and was forced to drop out of the production, he suggested Fred Astaire as a replacement for the part. However Astaire demurred citing that he had just recently retired his film career to launch a chain of what would become very successful dance schools. However it didn't take very long for Astaire to change his mind because he admitted that he always wanted to work with Judy Garland. After the release of Easter Parade he would continue to spend the next twenty years making pictures.

The story goes that on the first day of production a friend that knew the two lead actors came to visit with Garland on the set and asked her if she was excited to be working with Astaire. Garland replied that she was an enormous fan of his films and that working with him was a tremendous honor. But she also admitted that she was terribly anxious because she had not yet met the man and their first shooting scene together involved a short but sweet kiss on the lips. The friend promptly took Garland's hand, led her up to Astaire's dressing room, and introduced the two on the spot. With that, the filming of their initial scene went smoothly and Astaire and Garland worked well together throughout the production.

When Astaire was asked what is was like to work with Garland, he replied: "Judy's not primarily a dancer. But she's the best of her type -- an amazing girl! She could do things -- anything -- without rehearsing and come off perfectly. She could learn faster, do everything better than most people."

The film won the 1948 Academy Award for Best Scoring of a Musical Picture. It also received the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Written American Musical. It was the most financially successful picture for both Garland and Astaire as well as the highest-grossing musical of 1948. In subsequent years other projects were planned for Judy Garland and Fred Astaire, however Easter Parade would remain the one and only film they did together.

Easter Parade is chockerblock with seventeen... that's SEVENTEEN... fab-u-lous musical numbers written by Irving Berlin including Astaire and Garland's classic showstoppers: the "I Love a Piano" medley and "A Couple of Swells" hobo routine. It's really worth watching the film in its entirety on DVD which also features a knockout Garland solo number entitled "Mr Monotony" that precedes her spectacular "Get Happy" performance in the film Summer Stock by five years. The "Mr. Monotony" number was cut out in the final edit before Easter Parade was released so all you die-hard Garland fans won't want to miss it!

Happy Easter to all my friends. I'm off to enjoy chocolate bunnies with my peeps!

Digi-Freebie Easter 2010

Hello and Happy Easter! 

I've got quite a little show planned for you, dear reader, coming up later this morning. 

For now, the early bird catches the digi-freebie below

PNG 300 dpi

JPG 300 dpi

Digi-Freebie: Chain of Fools

>> 01 April 2010

Click images to embiggen

Enjoy these freebies of the Fool and his Major Arcana homies from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck of 1908 which is available within the United States under public domain. True fact! No joke!

The US Games Company currently claims a valid copyright on certain colorized versions of the deck published in the early seventies so be sure to check the date on a set if you plan to use real cards in your art for commercial use.

CUT TO "The Tarot Card Scene - James Bond: Live and Let Die"

Jane Seymour plays Solitaire, a beautiful virgin tarot expert who has the ability to see both the future and remote events in the present. Using a stacked tarot deck of only cards showing "The Lovers", Bond tricks her into thinking that seduction is in her future and then seduces her. Solitaire loses her ability to foretell the future when she loses her virginity to him. Here's the thing: if she's that good a psychic, you think she would have known the cards were stacked! Just sayin'.

Happy April Fool's Day from Glamour Bomb!

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