A Gift From LuLu Kellogg: The Unboxing

>> 19 May 2010

Blogging has connected me with so many wonderful people like the fabulous mixed media artist and jewelry designer LuLu Kellogg of Coastal Sisters. Since I first emerged with Glamour Bomb as a blog late last fall, LuLu befriended me right away. Oftentimes we correspond with stuff that we really can't blog about...you know what I mean?

That said, LuLu's blog Coastal Sisters News is chockablock with insights, inspirations and contests to giveaways for her gorgeous jewelry and art works. If you haven't been there yet you should. You will be delighted!

Recently, LuLu sent me a little something something just because because. So I took the opportunity to video tape the unboxing. Watch and see!

Ladies & Gentlemen: Miss Lena Horne

>> 11 May 2010

The first time I ever saw Lena Horne was when I was maybe six years old. My parents had taken me to see "Till The Clouds Roll By" at a revival movie house called the Vagabond Theater in Hollywood that is no longer in existence. I have been captivated by her glamour-bombaciousness ever since, more so as she matured into the elegant grand dame that ever was to star in a Gap spot. Rest in peace, Lena. You had a great run!

Happy Mother's Day!

>> 09 May 2010

I searched high and low for a sentimental little video to share with you this Mother's Day and this was all I could find! =)

The three cute daughters of Mrs. Louella Gallagher from Austin, Texas, seem to enjoy having Mama throw knives at them. The back-fence neighbors object, but Mama and the girls pay no heed. I've seen another version of this story from Universal Newsreels but this was the only one that had audio included.

I'm off to show my glamour mom just how much I love her! Happy Mother's Day!

Digi-Freebie: More Mother's Day iPhone Wallpapers

>> 03 May 2010

It looks like I may have a theme going for Monday's blog posts: wallpapers for your iPhone and iPod Touch! So I'm going to continue on the theme for Mother's Day which is coming up next Sunday.

This week I'm featuring some imagery of from a very classic rendition of motherhood as she sits in a rocking chair beholds her child. But I couldn't resist pulling this vintage ad to just add some snark.  You can grab your copy by clicking on the image above.

Like contemporary fashions this is a seasonal freebie. If you're stopping by my blog and the wallpaper is no longer available then have a look and see what is current for the season because I'm in the habit of updating frequently.

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