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Google the phrase "glamour bomb" and you'll find an international guerilla art movement with the mission to enchant and raise environmental ambient faerie glamour levels. More than a random act of kindness or senseless act of beauty, the manifesto of glamour bombers everywhere is to inspire human-folk to have fun, lighten up, and to always remember: magic is everywhere! I'm a terrorist of love and you never know when you'll get glammed!

On 15 November 2005 I opened my Etsy store and it was the best thing that could have happened to me! I signed up right away and sold a bunch of furry hats. I mean a BUNCH! I got to work for myself all summer. For a brief time felt I could finally call myself an artist because I was earning an income based on my creations. If you're a creative person you know what a wonderful feeling that is.

In those days I used to be a crafty vixen. I still kinda am when I really put my mind to it. It's just that in 2005 I was dared to make a podcast because it was the word of the year according to story I heard on NPR. They don't call me DaBomb for nothing: I accepted the challenge!

At first it was really, really, REALLY hard. I do not come from a tech background and there was so much to learn not mention that things were constantly changing as the medium began to develop. But I kept it up, fell in love with it along the way and now can proudly assert I am one of earliest pioneers of podcasting! To this day I produce an underground podcast all about the art, culture and community of Burning Man called "BURNcast" and you can check it out at my other blogger blog. And if you like it I suggest you subscribe to it in iTunes!

Anyway, I got so engrossed with making digital new media I gradually began to get less and less crafty. There are so many hours in a day, you know? So I just began haunting blogs, Etsy stores and ArtFire stores (oh and hang out with a bunch of amazing burner artists) just to keep inspired. And as a podcaster I got to ask people a lot of questions about their art work, their creative process and their inspiration. I have to say...I really LOVE podcasting and I LOVE learning all about the people I meet.

Someday (hopefully very soon) I'd like to support myself by becoming a new media professional. It would mean the world to me!

So far I've done a few consulting gigs by giving presentations on how to use social media to a few of companies. I've also "tech" tutored some folks on a variety of subjects from Computing 101 basics to setting up a podcast in iTunes. I can't begin to express how much I love to share what I've learned. The best part is: when I see the lightbulb go off in somebody's head!

While these gigs are great, they are not paying my bills. So for right now I'm in search of a steady income. So if you have any leads I'm looking for a job! Please hook me up!!! :)

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