I'll Tumble For You!

>> 30 November 2008

Hi everybody!

Just wanted post this up to let you all know that I’ve decided to use Tumblr to publish my blog rather than using my former iWeb blog from Apple because of Tumblr’s ease of use. iWeb’s great, but it had some limitations.

For my friends here on Blogger don't worry, I'll still be here.

I just want to give Tumblr a go. Not only will I be posting stuff I’m selling on Etsy, eBay, Amazon and Craigslist but I’ll even be posting photos of some of my items from my Picasa web album. And, I’ll also be importing my Twitter stream to microblog my most recent listings and shipping data. So the Tumblr platform makes all of these services come together pretty seamlessly.

You can check it out my Tumblog directly here.

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