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>> 28 September 2009

So do you like the look of my new blog? I think it's sooooo cute. But not only that: I got the background for FREEEEEEEE from the digital media artist Itkupilli herself!

Itkupilli is just prolific in her designs! Her site offers a ton of free blogger backgrounds, buttons and banners but it's also chockerblock with information on how you can DIY and customize your very own Blogger blog. But if you prefer a custom OOAK design, you can hire her to create something fabulous just for you.

So check out her blogs -- you'll get lost in the beauty I guarantee. But remember to support Itkupilli by purchasing some of the artist's collage sheets and digital design kits at her Etsy shop!

Classic Vintage Eyewear - Cat Eye Style

>> 25 September 2009

Oh you hip vixen, you! I'm selling my styley vintage eyewear on Etsy. See a pair in this video you like? Contact me directly. Free shipping with every purchase!

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