Graphics Fairy "French Ladies" Caddy Planter

>> 17 March 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. Just wanted to post these images of a shabby chic caddy planter I picked up at thrift shop for $2.00. First I put a coat of primer paint on it, next I painted it white and then, with Outdoor Mod Podge, I decoupaged these French revolutionary costume ladies that I got from the Graphics Fairy. Then I sealed the caddy with two coats of Hard Coat Mod Podge, planted some annuals I picked up at the Home Depot et voila! C'est si belle, n'est ce pas? (Well it made a great gift for my french BFF as today is her birthday, so what else can I say in french. Fantastique, mais bien sur!).  The Outdoor Mod Podge combined with the Hard Coat Mod Podge will protect it from the effects of water and sun when the caddy is in the garden as the plants placed within it are outdoor plants. Eventually they'll need to be transplanted and the caddy can be used for all my friend's hand gardening tools like hand shovel, trowels, gloves and even knee pads.

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