Quick Update

>> 10 March 2011

Hey everybody!

It's been awhile, I know.  I just wanted to post a quick update that I'm redesigning my website and it's going to affect the feed of this blog as I transfer domain name servers.  It's because I will no longer be using Blogger as a custom domain name but am reverting back to the Blogger domain name.

For example: when you clicked on any page on this site it used to read something like "http://glamourbomb.com/anypage" in the address bar.

However now if you click on a page it will read something like "http://glamourbomb.blogspot.com/anypage" instead.  Like I said, I'm reverting my custom domain back from Blogger and using it on a brand new site.

I'm NOT abandoning the Blogger platform. I will still be blogging here.  I just want to do more than what Blogger can provide.  I want to actually open a shop with a cart service and I haven't really been able to do that on Blogger except here and there when I insert a PayPal button in a blog post.  And sometimes what I have to offer doesn't fit Etsy's selling guidelines so I have to do indie and set up my own website with a store.

All these changes are going to effect this blog insofar that you may see double posts or posts that are old show up for some weird reason. Anything can happen until the transfer is complete. I'm sorry about that. At least it's just hiccups and not full on burps!!!   :)

I'll be posting an update when all is said and done but for now if you're interested to take a peek at what I'm up to, I've put up a basic splash page for now and you can see  it here.

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