BURNING MAN FASHION: Reversible Dread Falls $75.00

>> 05 July 2008

Wool dread falls made by Glamour Bomb. Perfect for the playa!

  • Reversible multi-colored wool dread falls on a black base.
  • Rubber bungie to attach to hair. 
  • About 19" long at longest point.
  • Solid black yarn is 100% wool. Variegated colored yarn is 25% acrylic and 50% wool.
  • Add $10.00 for flat rate USPS Priority Mail shipping or pick up at my home.
Glamour Bomb offers wool dread falls in exquisite, vibrant colors. Wool dread falls are exceptionally light and fun. Each set comes with step-by-step instructions on how to install them. It's really very simple to do! See my instructional video here. These falls are very light and comfortable to wear. They will not pull on your scalp like a synthetic hair piece. They'll keep you warm on a cold playa night at Burning Man because it's almost like wearing a hat and a scarf at the same time. But they also breathe, so it's not like you're going to die from heat stroke. I've worn them in the middle of an August day in the Black Rock Desert with ease and comfort.

Please note: in compliance with federal, state and local sanitation laws NO RETURNS/NO REFUNDS ARE ACCEPTED. I have excellent feedback on Etsy. 100% positive!


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