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>> 16 December 2009


Has anybody missed me? No? Oh well...boo!

December is turning out to be a crazy month as I prepare to close up my real-life business in here Los Angeles. Unfortunately it has become the poster child for the new economy so I've got to downsize things a bit and find myself a real job! Then of course, it's the holidays so there's family to see, parties to go to. So yeah... my dance card is getting chockerblock and I haven't had a moment for blogging.

Funnily enough, the day I gave notice to my landlord an amazing opportunity to travel for work has come up beginning the day after New Year's. It's a two week stint so it looks like my blogging ambitions won't be back on schedule until mid-January.

I was hoping that I'd at least have the newest video portfolio of my latest contest winner to post on this blog but alas, poor girl, her laptop died and along with it all her images of her art work and then some.

So I thought I'd take this moment to do a little bit of shameless self promotion for my Etsy store, eBay listings -- oh and also my Amazon listings as well. All orders placed on or before December 31st will be shipped before my trip so don't worry that I'm going to skedaddle without making sure your purchase is on it's way to you! Click on the animated image above to be taken directly to my shop.

Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful month! Happy Holy Daze!


RunzwithScissors December 16, 2009 at 11:41 AM  

I was away, from the 'puter, so I didn't know. But if I had been there, I would have missed you! And it just occurred to me -- what if we had a Burningman Team? Would that be bad? I mean, they support enough commerce OFF the Playa? I do know a couple more burner sellers, and buyers...

But if you are shutting down in LA and traveling -- where and what? or is that food for your next blog?

{virtual hugs} of course!

Glamour Bomb December 16, 2009 at 1:12 PM  

Thanks, Lulu & Astrid! Nice to hear from you two.

This gig I mentioned is a two week stint so I'll be back by mid-January. I was thinking of blogging about it but unsure how they would feel about it (or Twittering, or any other form of social media for that matter) so for right now it's mum's the word. But suffice it to say that while it's going to be very hard work it's going to be a gorgeous location and I am very excited about the opportunity.

The Universe is a funny place. It really is true: one door closes and another one opens!

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