Using Perfect Paper Adhesive by Art Quest For My Latest Craft Project

>> 11 March 2012

Hello, all. I'm just showing off my latest Easter craft that I made.

On this Easter pail I  decoupaged a white bunny rabbit with an Easter egg that I got from the Graphics Fairy.  The pail looks good from behind as well as I didn't skimp but put the bunny image on both front and back. Then I stuffed the pail with six colorfully hand-decorated egg shaped candy pops on a stick and tied with ribbons.

The thing I want to focus on is that I used this product called Perfect Paper Adhesive by Art Quest.  The last few times I've been decoupaging I found that Modpodge would cause the paper to wrinkle. Sometimes this was a tragic thing that would really ruin my projects. 

I grew up using Modpodge as Glamour Mom taught me all I know about decoupaging.  So I asked her if she recalls projects wrinkling like that and she said no. I'm not sure if Plaid, the manufacturer of Modpodge, has changed they're formula since then or what.  It could be me.  My mom used to decoupage with specially printed sheets back in the day however I've been using images laser printed on copy paper.  Whatever the cause, it's very disappointing to have your project ruined with wrinkles!

So I searched for the perfect decoupage medium and I have to admit, I have quite a few different brands.  I came across PPA in a blog so I got some to decoupage the bunny and you know what? It's fantastic! No wrinkles whatsoever! It has a consistency of thick cream and goes on very smoothly. It also sets quickly -- like within five minutes -- and provides a fantastic adhesion of whatever you use it on.

Also, PPA has leaves no brushstrokes behind like Modpodge can. I really like this stuff and no, I'm not being sponsored to write this.  It's just me giving my opinion on a product I paid for, tried out and used. 

Anyway, hopefully my sister who lives in another state doesn't read this blog because otherwise it won't be a surprise to see this Easter pail in her mailbox soon! ;)

Hoppy days to you!


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