Vermont for Valentine's!

>> 19 February 2010

Here's some photos I took from my week in Vermont visiting with my friends Simone and Seano. If you're a fan of my other blog, you'll remember them from a piece I did for an interactive art project they created entitled "Green Shoes" for Burning Man '07.  It was a ginormous piece that a crew of at least a dozen volunteers including me came together to help them build a few years back.

Well, I ended up celebrating my birfday and Valentine's day with Simone and Seano this year due to another interactive art installation that Seano had received some grant monies for.  The idea was that I would act as a courier for several pieces of audio/video equipment that I picked up in L.A. on Craigslist for a super duper deal.  It worked out that the cost of my ticket pretty much evened out with what it would have cost to ship these items alone across the country so this was a total win/win.

Both Simone and Seano were super busy during my stay.  Simone is a full-time student at Dartmouth and Seano is a freelance graphic designer with several jobs lined up. But that didn't stop us from good times!  Thanks to my SAG membership I brought with me a stack of award nominated dvd's to watch which we did so almost every night.  And practically every morning was an amazing breakfast cooked up by Seano and/or Simone. I made my famous Broccoli Obama pie (or reasonable facsimiles of it) two nights in a row!

The night before Valentine's we had a DJ music slam where we took turns responding to love songs with other love songs while making hand-made valentines.  Then for V-day Simone's classmates came over to swap secret valentines (think Secret Santa). We also held a screening of "Inglorious Basterds" .  Yes, it was the perfect non-Valentine movie!

Throughout the duration of my visit, every day was like Valentine's: full of love, joy and friendship. My deepest thanks to Simone and Seano for making my birthday festival so marvelous!

More photos on my Flickr set here!


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