Person Finder: Haiti Earthquake

>> 15 January 2010

As many of you may know, I spent the last two weeks in the Caribbean working a gig at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, which is 887 kilometers/551 miles/479 nautical miles South/East of Haiti. I was on the job in the casino when the hotel management advised that everybody on the premises stay inside due to a tsunami alert. I had no idea what would cause such an announcement so at my earliest convenience I Facebooked and asked my network what happened. Seconds later I was apprised of the horrible catastrophe that had struck the people of Haiti.

It was a rather surreal juxtaposition to be amidst a world of high roller gambling and family vacationing when others were suffering but at the time there was not much more I could do but complete my assignment. Now the gig is over and at this time I am free to assist and volunteer in any capacity to the people of Haiti although I realize that the situation there is chaotic and somebody with my skills would be more of a hindrance than help. When I return home I am going to roll up my sleeves once again and volunteer at the American Red Cross. I know everybody is donating money to the Haitian cause but may I gently urge you all to put your money where your mouth is and volunteer in some capacity to a charity of your choice.

Ak espwa pou tout moun nan Ayiti.
(With hope for everyone in Haiti).


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