A Day of Thanksgiving + Free Thanksgiving Clipart

>> 24 November 2011

Released in 1951 by Centron Corporation " A Day of Thanksgiving" is about a working class family  experiencing financial hardships and so the parents have to break the news to the kids that there will be no turkey for Thanksgiving this year.

The film was written during the dark period in American history: the era of the House of Un-American Activities Committee and McCarthy-ism.  While the film gets a bit preachy for my tastes and the acting a little stilted,  the message is still worthwhile: an attitude of gratitude for family and friends.  Of course it's said with more words than that, yet this simple film makes for historical interest in comparison to the economic hardships of the the nation today.  Just like the family in this film, I won't be having any turkey this Thanksgiving but only because I'm preferring to try a vegetarian meal this year. 

My gratitude for all that I am and all that I have is like this little poem I've scanned from "Book Trails" copyrighted in 1928: "I am grateful for health, for food, for love and friends." 

Enjoy the freebie and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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