Product Review: OttLite OTL13MAG Task/Magnifier Lamp with Flip-Down Magnifier

>> 27 November 2011

OttLite OTL13MAG Task/Magnifier Lamp 
with Flip-Down Magnifier
I got an OttLite last night and I LOVE IT!  This product is amazing. I didn't think it would make that much of a difference but now it's a lot easier to see a night when I'm crafting.  My average desk lamp and home lighting was just killing my eyes so I had to limit my craft hours to day time. And when you work a 9-to-5 that doesn't leave you with very many day light hours especially now that we're in the fall and winter months.  But now I can work at night and see with great clarity what I'm doing.   

No this is not a sponsored post so please keep reading!

I'd seen OttLites at Michael's and Joann's but failed to understand what they were all about.  I mean, I thought they were just another task lamp targeted for seniors and baby boomers. But I was wrong.

Last night at my friend Victoria's monthly craft night one of the ladies was using one and I could see quite clearly the amazing quality of the light.  The most important thing to me was that it didn't cause glare and hurt my eyes.  Also, the colors looked of my handicrafts looked great when held beneath this light source.  

I asked Victoria where the nearest Michaels was and told her I'd be back.  I had a 50% off coupon and wanted to use it.  However, the OttLite was already on sale for 50% off rendering the coupon unusable to this purchase. This meant I could buy something else for half off! :) 

I ended up purchasing the OttLite OTL13MAG Task/Magnifier Lamp with Flip-Down Magnifier in Dove Grey. When I got back to craft night I set it up immediately. The assembly directions were probably the lamest thing about this product. They were were worse than an Ikea diagram!

Thank goodness there was one already set up and its owner showed me how it was assembled.  I also didn't know that to turn it off or on all you had to do was close the clamshell light to its base.  I honestly don't think I could have figured it out if she hadn't shown me.

Other than that, the product is of very high quality and I also love how because of that clamshell design because it makes the OttLite very portable.

Also, in addition to doing my crafts with it, I've read it's great for photographing your finished product.  I haven't done this yet but if you notice an improvement in the white balance of my photos either here or on Etsy you'll know why!

Like I mentioned, Michael's is currently having a sale on the OttLite for 50% off but I've found better deals on Amazon with free shipping.  This may all be due to the fact that it's Thanksgiving weekend so on-line retailers maybe competing with brick and mortar storefronts and slashing prices. But it pays to shop around.

Whatever you pay for your OttLite -- whether its  sale or not -- it's totally worth it.  This task lamp is probably my number one tool for crafting and art work ever.  Seriously.


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