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>> 08 March 2010

OK all you crafty vixens. I think you're gonna like what I've got to blog about. Because today it's all about Aviary, an on-line multi-media suite that allows anyone to create, edit, and remix digital content directly from their favorite web browser.

Each application on Aviary is named after a bird (hence the name) with programs such as Phoenix (an on-line image editor that's comparable to PhotoShop), Peacock (an effects editor/pre-visual laboratory), Toucan (a color swatches and palettes creator), Raven (a vector editor) and many more! The best part is Aviary is free as a bird!

The tutorials Aviary offers are a great place to start if you're new to this digital-techie-sorta-thing. Here are just a few that I think will appeal to all the crafty Etsyans out there: How to Make an Etsy Banner and Avatar in Aviary and Enhancing Your Etsy Photos using Aviary’s Online Photo Editor.  Recently Aviary's blog showcased Etsy seller Leslie Hamer's free Etsy banners.

If you're flying on over to Aviary be sure to connect with me there!

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