NEW! Blogger In Draft Launches The Blogger Template Designer

>> 16 March 2010

ZOMG!  Blogger is coming at you in a fresh cool way! Last week Blogger In Draft announced a new feature: the Blogger Template Designer!

This is pretty amazing because ever since I started my first Blogspot blog (I'm talkin' pre-Google) their template collection has remained unchanged.  Douglas Bowman from StopDesign has really gotten some mileage off the ubiquitous Minima template which was launched in 2004.  That's a pretty good run for the lifetime of anything on the Web. And while I think it's an elegantly designed classic template, I'm really kinda bored with it.

So Blogger In Draft has rolled out the template designer and that means eventually it's going to be available for all Blogger users. For those of you who don't know, Blogger In Draft is a special version of Blogger in which new features are beta tested before being released to the Blogger community at large.  Through feedback the Blogger team develops features that users want.

If you want to use the Blogger In Draft dashboard just go to and log in as you would normally. If you want to stop using it and go back to “normal” Blogger, simply log in to instead. Your blogs and posts are the same regardless of whether you use Blogger in draft or regular Blogger.

When it first launched Blogger In Draft was my default way to blog. Now I switch back and forth between these two features just to see what's up and coming but I usually use the regular dashboard because it's stable whereas draft can sometimes be a little wonky. But then, after all, it is for beta testing.

I really, really like it Blogger in Draft. I think you will, too.


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