Digi-Freebie: Chain of Fools

>> 01 April 2010

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Enjoy these freebies of the Fool and his Major Arcana homies from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck of 1908 which is available within the United States under public domain. True fact! No joke!

The US Games Company currently claims a valid copyright on certain colorized versions of the deck published in the early seventies so be sure to check the date on a set if you plan to use real cards in your art for commercial use.

CUT TO "The Tarot Card Scene - James Bond: Live and Let Die"

Jane Seymour plays Solitaire, a beautiful virgin tarot expert who has the ability to see both the future and remote events in the present. Using a stacked tarot deck of only cards showing "The Lovers", Bond tricks her into thinking that seduction is in her future and then seduces her. Solitaire loses her ability to foretell the future when she loses her virginity to him. Here's the thing: if she's that good a psychic, you think she would have known the cards were stacked! Just sayin'.

Happy April Fool's Day from Glamour Bomb!


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