All Aboard the Blog Train!

>> 11 October 2009

Hey there all you crafty people, come on board the Blog Train!

The Blog Train is a fantastic idea from bloggers Trish H and Tanya Gal in which hundreds of scrapbookers from all over the blogosphere get to share their designs with others. It leaves the station every other month and is totally chockerblock with FREE scrapbook kits!

So get on over to the Blog Train Blog and download some fabulous kits today and tell'em DaBomb sentcha!

This month's theme is "Be Thankful" which is an outlook on life that a beloved friend shared with me over and over again before he had to go to heaven. I miss him much but I am ever so thankful he was in my life.

At this very moment I give thanks for technology that connects us all and enables us to share amazing ideas and creations with each other.

Think about what you have to be thankful for and perhaps you won't mind sharing your thoughts on gratitude with me by leaving a comment?


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