GB-TV: Hello Kitty's Super Fan Day @ Royal/T

>> 24 October 2009

I just got back from the Hello Kitty Three Apples Exhibit at the Royal/T, a unique art space and ship in Culver City. It's a killer place with a cosplay cafe that is utterly fantabulous.  While I had a really good time I have to tell you: it was pretty crowded because HK fans were waiting round the block since 6:00 am for the doors to open at 11:00am.

Check out this audio tweet I made -- live on the scene -- while I was waiting in line. I did it on my iPhone using an app called TweetMic. Here I talk to one of the event coordinators:

Still, like I said, I had a great time though...OMG I had SUCH a great time! While I was there I got to meet Yuko Yamaguchi (aka Kitty Mama) Hello Kitty’s head designer and the seriously awesome Simone Legno of Tokidoki who were both signing autographs at the event. They were there to launch the exclusive Tokidoki for Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary collection. What was really cool is that they were having a raffle of some of these exclusive items as we were waiting in the long ass lines so it made it easier deal with.

There was way, way, way more to see and do than what you can see from this slide show. Like a jewelry workshop with Three Apples artist Natalia Fabia or a Hello Kitty Sushi Bento Box Workshop with Sushi Girl! I missed out on these because apparently the workshops were chockerblock before the store even opened.

But not to worry. Since the exhibit will continue until November 15th there are going to be a ton of fun filled workshops and more cool events throughout its duration so you really ought to download the PDF at Royal T's site and sign up as soon as you see something that strikes your fancy.  Space is limited and like I said at the top of the blog, this event is super popular and the lines are long.  Bring a folding chair and be prepared to make friends with other Hello Kitty fans in line like I did. For instance: I met another fellow Blogger blogger by the name of Sandi and she's got this hip blog called "Sandi In The City".  I totally recommend it for all you glamourous fashionistas out there. I subscribed and so should you!


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