How To Purchase A Custom Domain Name Through Blogger

>> 06 October 2009

This tutorial will show you how to purchase a domain name through Blogger. For those of you new to blogging this means that your Blogger blog will appear at its own domain name (i.e. "" instead of "". The nice part is that Google makes the process a snap.

I can attest to the ease of setting up your domain name through Blogger as all my previous domains were purchased through GoDaddy and their checkout process is very confusing! Now I'm somewhat of an intermediate level geek -- I love tech -- but even so, I've ended up making purchases for things I don't need when using GoDaddy's bamboozling checkout system.

Another plus if you purchase through Blogger is that the WHOIS ownership of your domain can be made private which is a service that GoDaddy charges extra for! The funny thing is, Blogger is a reseller for GoDaddy so you end up with them anyway but without the extra fees or confusion.

Remember to keep in mind that you just need to buy the domain. You don’t need hosting, because Blogger handles that.

If my tutorial leaves you with some questions, I suggest you go over to Blogger support and see if your problem can be resolved there. If you're still stuck I will try to answer questions via comments left below.

UPDATE 6 October 2009 - I decided to transfer my domain "" which I have at GoDaddy to point to this blog. So I didn't have the option to do the above video for this particular site. I managed to do it successfully but it was a complex procedure. I strongly suggest if you're pointing a GoDaddy name to a Blogger blog to follow these directions carefully. I would make a video but I think it's better if you just do it the way it's laid out out step-by-step.


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