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>> 14 October 2009

There's a new blog on the block and while it ain't really the cutest one per se, I have to tell you it's pretty frikkin' awesome. It features items regrettably posted to Etsy and so therefore it goes by the name "Regretsy". It's hilariously written by the "Regretsy Team" with the acerbic wit of a snarky post-op tranny going through manopause. I absolutely love this site and apparently so does the LGBT community from looking at Regretsy's picks.

Now I'm not one for putting a kaibosh on anybody's creative expression -- especially that of outside artists or even cool hipsters. It's not fair to call any artist who's work is featured there as a competitor in the "Special Olympics of Art". Expressing one's self in an artistic way is a vulnerable act that should be applauded. The Regretsy team prefers to call it acknowledged.

Some may think that the spirit of the blog is pretty mean and down right cruel but keep in mind the old adage "all publicity is good publicity" because in this case it's really true. In the few weeks the blog has gone live many of the artist's featured in it have not only gained some notoriety but have also had great exposure to buyers and have actually sold their work! Art sales in a recession? C'est fantastique!

One word of caution though: the Regretsy team has a wicked habit of putting the most obscene posts of the day up last which means if you're at work and thinking "hey, let's see the latest on Regretsy" you're very likely to see some sort of bumping ugly redone in some sort of medium and called art. It can be rather shocking. While you can't really tell your boss it's porn you're looking at, I'm sure you'd rather not have to explain yourself to your co-workers either. And all you lovely mama's out there: this is the kind of site you want to look at when the kids are in bed because it's my humble opinion that Regretsy is NSFW/NSFK. At least, the times that I've checked in.

My two cents. YMMV.


Sugarpie October 16, 2009 at 1:50 PM  

Awww Regretsy is either having a bad day or just won't let me in. From the video it looks like it's a fun-different-kinda place to visit.
I'll try again later on.
But wanted to tell you I LOVE your blog!!
You write like I think lol.
My b/f's a video-maker also, he's going to enjoy what you do.
I'll be back over and over.

Glamour Bomb October 16, 2009 at 5:34 PM  

Hey Sugarpie! Thanks for the blog love. The Regretsy site works, I just made a typo. Doh! I know I seem geeky, but I'm really autodidactic and have a background in mostly people not digital. So...that is to say...I have to be really careful when typing up HTML code or mistakes will happen. I've since corrected the link. Please try checking out Regretsy again and tell'em DaBomb sentcha! xoxoxo

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