Oh Noes!

>> 07 October 2009

I'm at the Apple Store in Sherman Oaks right now and my optical drive is borkened and needs to be fixed. Thank goodness I got AppleCare so I'm covered under warranty!

What this means is that I won't have a computer of my own for the next several days. However I will still do the contest so don't you worry! The show goes on and we work with the tools that we've got.

Here's what I'm gonna do: I will use a friend's computer to hold the contest. I will videotape the winner (so I can prove it was selected at random) but I won't be able to record a slick screencast like I did for the recent how to/tutorial screencast on how to purchase a domain name for your Blogger/Blogspot blog that I did earlier this week. :(

Please keep leaving comments for the contest HERE because I love meeting all these new artists! Good luck!


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